About PA

The PA Advantage

PA International is a globally recognized China Manufacturing Consultancy. We provide engineering services from design support to mass production.

Driving force behind success

The products and components that we build for our clients, create experiences that drive business success and build brands.

We Add Value

We support businesses through our expertise in Manufacturing and deliver value-added services that enable companies to manage, improve and grow their business.

We manufacture components for all markets

Each year we assist to engineer, price and manufacture over 20 new parts and products, for our 200+ client base.

Agile Methodology + Good People = PA International

It all starts with our team of focused, dedicated individuals. Using a combination of engineering skills and agile mythologies and years of experience, our team works with yours to deliver high quality product.

Support Engineer aviailable 24x7x365

Ongoing progress reports and consultations

Communication and alerts via email, Skype, Phone an in Person

Prompt action and communication

Always listening and hearing you requirements

A single dedicated person to look after you project

There is no project too big or too small.  Got a question? Don’t hesitate to ask!.